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Published: 09th July 2012
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Going for a VPS hosting plan from the existing shared hosting plan? Choosing a VPS hosting provider is a difficult decision mainly because when you go through VPS companies each one of them offers almost the same kind of disk space, bandwidth, third party software's, customer support and money back guarantee.
I started my website on a shared hosting plan, but later mainly due to bandwidth and poor performance of the server, I had taken the suggestion of going for VPS/dedicated plan to get better control and improve server performance.
When you search with keywords best VPS hosting or top 10 VPS hosting, you will get good number of sites with reviews and providers. But as a customer is it a wise decision to simply follow reviews and signup with a particular VPS provider?
Before going for VPS provider from your existing shared hosting setup, make serious thoughts about below points. There are many things which need to be considered before thinking about VPS plans. This evaluation will help you to take better decision while moving from shared to VPS plan.
* Do the existing bandwidth and software's meeting current requirement in a resources sharing set up.
* Do existing disk space enough to store data.
* Do get 24/7 support and more than 99% uptime guarantee?
* Do it worth really moving from existing shared hosting set up which cost you under $100/year to VPS plans which cost you $500/year.
Selecting VPS Server Plans
After thorough evaluation you can decide either to continue with existing plans or move to VPS server. Next you can decide to go for VPS providers with either Linux or Windows VPS Server hosting plans. Normally Linux VPS server hosting are cheaper as compared with Windows VPS hosting because Windows hosting you have to pay additional license fee.
Final step in the choosing VPS providers is to make the list of your system requirement and select a hosting from top 10 VPS providers where you can expect efficient 24/7 technical support, 30-90 days money backup guarantee, no fixed time contract other than the best features promised by all these companies.

A VPS provides you full root access and your website accomplishments a complete operational separation and authority in a very similar manner as any other dedicated server does for you. Along with this your websites will also not be affected by the changes done within other websites which are located at the same server.
For most of the businesses VPS is the most suitable option because it has ability to increase output by reducing expenses. From software to real estate most of the areas are having very high competitive level, In short VPS implementation make you able to increase your profit margin.
Its very sure thing that a dedicated server is more costly than shared hosting(VPS) and it also charges you a additional processing power on a large scale, in front of which you may find yourself helpless. That's the reason VPS is the only option in these situations which provides surety of more efficiency, reliability and output. On the other hand its also available to a very cheap price.
Because of running on another server and operating as a dedicated server, VPS not only cheap, but it also provides you a high degree of flexible, scalable, reliable and secure web environment on a very high scale. While running more than one application on your server, these factors are very important for your business.
If the comparison is done between Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting, better command is provided by VPS Hosting, because it has been divided into various servers. As its own dedicated operating system is installed to each single portion, a remarkable share of of server resources.
As you don't need to share resources with other users, that provide you a feeling of being safe ad secure. You will come to know this as soon as you you graduates ans switches over to VPS.
You can make your VPS system capable of running on more than one virtualization platforms and functions on highest point of currently installed operating systems.
Various configuration are available for a VPS Hosting system. For handling all updates and functions by yourself, you may take the charge of your responsibilities from your service provider, and this is possible only due to great variety of options available in VPS Hosting.
Because of a great flexibility provided by VPS Hosting which you expect from a dedicated servers, without utilizing a separate server you can perform most of the functions like rebooting, installations of new applications of updates of downloads.

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