Timing Pulley Hobs

Published: 08th April 2011
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A milling process that uses the slab mill that rotates on an axis parallel to the work-piece. Slab milling produces flat surfaces. Slab milling cutters are cutting tools typically used in milling machines. These slab milling cutters remove material by their movement within the machine. Slab Milling is the process of cutting away material by feeding a work-piece past a rotating multiple tooth cutter. Worm Wheel Hobs are manufactured in bore type and shank type in single or multi-start, topping or non-topping as per specifications or as per customer's requirement. Worm wheel hobs are used in some processes like worm hobbing, thread milling, thread rolling and thread grinding.

The chain sprockets can be made of Mild steel, Stainless steel and Alloy steel. A sprocket is a toothed wheel upon which a chain rides. Chain sprockets are widely used for transmitting rotary motion between two shafts where gears are not suitable and to impart linear motion to a track. Chain sprockets are widely used in bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tanks, and other machinery. The main types of chain sprockets are elevators sprockets, conveyor sprockets and duplex chain sprockets.

Scalping cutters is mainly applicable in copper and brass industry. Some scalping cutter used for milling of plain surfaces of ferrous as well as non- ferrous metals. Scalping cutters are available in light and heavy duty depending upon the usage of different clients. These scalping cutters are very much perfect for scalping copper and brass strips. The best feature of scalping cutters is that the finishing achieved by such cutters is very fine.

Spline hobs are used for cutting all kinds of standard as well as non-standard involute splines. Spline hobs have been made on standard basis as well as specific requirements of the clients which possess some features like with lugs without chamfer, without lugs without chamfer, with lugs and chamfer, without lugs but with chamfer. Involute spline hobs have straight-sided teeth like a gear hob, and are usually of stub-tool depth. These Spline hobs are used for cutting all kinds of standard and non-standard involute splines. Straight Spline Hobs are generally used in the cutting of parallel splines.

Capital tool industry is engaged in producing high quality gear cutter tools that are widely used in preparing the gears of every kind. Capital tool possesses the modern infrastructure that ensures the production of best cutting tools that are the demand of today.

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